Chrissie Edley Physio – Pelvic Physiotherapy in Princes Risborough

How many of us have needed to ‘toilet map’ on days out, avoided exercise due to bladder leakage or are embarrassed at running to the toilet every 5 minutes? Do you assume the problem is just ‘all part of the course’, associated with ageing or following childbirth? How often are we told to just manage these ‘Oops Moments’ with a hygiene product?

On average it takes women 5 years to build up the courage to see the GP, even though these problems affect 1 in 3 women (1 in 4 men – it isn’t just associated with childbirth!). For me, that’s 5 years of unnecessary suffering. It’s never too late to improve the situation!

I’m here to tell you that there is another way. Wouldn’t it be better to solve these issues rather than ‘manage’ them? 70% of bladder issues can be resolved with professional support and guided pelvic floor strengthening. With the NHS reducing the surgical solutions there is all the more reason to be proactive with preventative measures.

Getting into good habits during or pre-pregnancy often prevents issues developing later; as well as ensuring you have reasonable strength post-natally in order to strengthen the tissue following delivery (C-section or vaginal) before signing up to the latest HIIT or cardio class.

It is important to remember that men struggle with pelvic floor issues too, especially with ageing, long distance cycling and following prostate cancer treatment.

As a specialist pelvic health physiotherapist with over 15 years of experience I can support both men and women with all medical matters pelvic at any stage of life – offering a sensitive and discreet service. I am proud to be working alongside Sophie Hiscock, founder of ‘The Village Midwife, Prestwood’ in supporting both ante & postnatal classes as well as other well known local personal trainers .

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Chrissie Edley