Celebrate your loved ones with a Christmas Memorial Wreath

The UK’s oldest funeral director CPJ Field has partnered with Zara Dalrymple, owner of Zara Flora to share how to create your own personalised, unique Christmas memorial wreath at home, as a simple way to remember a loved one.

Creating a memorial wreath is a chance to come together and share memories and stories about a loved one, especially as many were deprived the chance of a proper farewell due to lockdowns and safety protocols. By adding specific flourishes, favourite Christmas decorations, flowers or even scents, it can be a cathartic experience and beautiful tradition to keep the spirit of the person alive during this special, family focused time of the year.

With belief that the circular shape of the wreath embodies eternal life, and the evergreen, which lives through all seasons including harsh winter conditions, represents continuous growth and life, making memorial wreaths a fitting tribute to be used at home or placed on special spot.

CPJ Field has created a video to illustrate how to create your own Memorial Christmas Wreath from home on their Instagram account: https://www.instagram.com/p/CWacDE3Fyk4/

Founded in 1690, CPJ Field is the UK’s oldest family-run funeral directors. With over 30 homes across southern England, the company prides itself on its family’s values, that no two lives are the same so no two funerals should be the same, as every life is unique. 
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