Charity launches life-changing support hub for children with neurodisabilities

For the first time, parents of children with neurological disabilities and developmental challenges can access expert help and support through a dedicated online service. The Pace Advice and Support Hub now provides direct access to resources, support and information to empower them as parents, carers and advocates for their children.

This innovative free service,, is a huge step forward in Pace’s mission to address the national disparities in provision for children with neurodisabilities. As a leading specialist provider in therapy and education for children with cerebral palsy and similar conditions, Pace’s Advice and Support Hub provides practical resources, tips, product reviews and basic training, developed through their thirty years of specialist provision.

Pace’s unique and highly integrated approach blends theory and practice from the fields of specialist education, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, speech and language therapy, and conductive education. The Pace approach leverages nine key aspects of child development: access to learning, activities of daily living, attention and regulation, communication, emotional wellbeing, play and recreation, posture and movement, relationships and sensory processing.

Chief Executive Ian Sansbury said, “Our research shows that parents up and down the UK are lost, alone and frustrated when it comes to getting appropriate support, information and interventions for their children.

“For too long, the level of support children and their parents receive is dependent on where they live and what is available. The postcode lottery simply has to stop., The Pace Advice and Support Hub makes the best, world-leading information available to people, regardless of where they live.”

By accessing the online hub, parents can find:

– Guidance on securing and coming to terms with a diagnosis
– Practical advice on managing the first months and years following diagnosis
– Advice on equipment and assistive technology
– Support in accessing the SEND system and obtaining and EHCP
– Tips and advice from other parents

In addition to support for children with neurodisabilities, Pace has always sought to support and enable parents, carers and other family members. Pace’s experience and research has shown that families typically struggle to find the support they need in a complex SEND system, and so alongside top tips, expert opinions, demonstrations and how-to guides, the hub will also offer practical advice on topics like navigating the education system and getting an Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP).

Director of Clinical services Lindsay Hardy says, “We have to see the child and their family as a whole. Confident, supported parents create a positive and skill-enhancing environment where everybody thrives.“

The need for these services is growing. Waiting lists for SEND assessments, the pressure on community therapy and reduced school budgets are all adding significant strain to families – at times when they most need help and support. The most vulnerable families take their diagnosis home and wait for an uncertain future. Pace knows that the impact of support, advice and empowerment in this early stage can change the lives of both children and their families.