Chesham couple shielding from coronavirus receives unexpected 75th wedding anniversary celebration

A Chesham couple shielding from coronavirus received a pleasant surprise on their 75th wedding anniversary, when a 14-piece band and an opera singer serenaded them from a safe distance.

David and Jean Lewis met during the Second World War, and were married in Craghead, Durham, on 18 May 1945.

Age UK had been taking Jean to medical appointments and their volunteer learnt of the wedding anniversary and asked community group Chesham Help For Coronavirus to prepare a surprise.
The group organised cake, cards and presents, as well as arranging a band and singer. The band played the Perry Como song ‘Till the End of Time’ – as this was number one when the couple met in 1945 and is a favourite song of theirs.

Commenting after the event, David said: “It was a very good day, and people were so kind in bringing us presents and singing to us.”

Cllr Gareth Williams, Cabinet Member for Communities and Health, and also a volunteer with this Chesham group, added: “This is a wonderful story, and I congratulate David and Jean on reaching their 75th wedding anniversary. Chesham Help for Coronavirus volunteers clearly did a fantastic job of helping to make the couple’s celebration a special one. It’s another reason why I’m so #ProudofBucks.”

A video of the celebration is below.