The Chiltern Brewery’s 2000th Gyle

If that’s got you reaching for your dictionary – don’t worry, it’s a specialist brewing term referring to the amount of one beer produced at one brewing. And this heady mix, or mashing-in as it should be called (pictured), is local brewer The Chiltern Brewery’s 2000th gyle. An amazing achievement in just 36 years and a suitable cause for celebration once the beer is released.

This is a bottle-conditioned classic IPA in the making, using a single base – Maris Otter – malt and highly hopped with generous amounts of Bramling Cross and English Cascade hops. You will have to be patient though; the final result won’t be ready to drink for several months.

Proud brewer Dave McGovern says. “This IPA should be a true classic, light golden in colour with a fruity aroma and set off by a dry malt middle and a long hop finish and will be about 6% vol strength.”

Once it is bottled, named and labelled, all you will need to do is look out for it online and on the shelves at the brewery shop in Terrick, near Wendover.

IPA stands for India Pale Ale, new lighter heavily hopped beers that were transported from Britain to India in the 1750s. Before the invention of refrigeration you couldn’t brew beers in hot climates so the beer was brewed here and shipped to India.

If this is all a bit technical at least you were spared the photo of the mash bed “sparging”!

The Chiltern Brewery has been at the forefront of the revival of classic English ale styles for 36 years, all brewed with the finest English malt and hops – naturally. 01296 613647 Twitter @Chiltern_Brewer