The Chiltern Brewery update, spring 2017

Tom Jenkinson, Head Brewer at The Chiltern Brewery, is very proud of what he calls the brewery’s ‘Perfect Palette of Pints’. “There are 3 permanent – award-winning – ales available across the year” he tells us. “But there are so many choices out there that to keep competitive you need new beers all the time. We have one of the widest ranges of ales with the greatest variety of any independent brewery – and we love every single one of them!”

“This April is a perfect example of that variety, so in addition to the permanent ales Chiltern Pale Ale 3.7%, Beechwood Bitter 4.3% and Chiltern Black 3.9%, we have one of our very popular, and again award-winning, seasonal regulars Nut Brown Mild 3.9%. Dark chestnut in colour with smooth and chocolatey flavours, it’s one of our favourites. April also sees the return of one of our newest ales, Colombian Coffee Porter, which was very well received on its launch last year. This is dark mocha in colour with a café crème aroma.”

“Do pop in and see us at the brewery shop in Terrick and you can order new draught mini casks online too. Cheers!”

Written by: 77