Chiltern Society seeks tunnelling details from HS2

The Chiltern Society is seeking clarification from HS2 Ltd on its tunnelling plans in the Chilterns.

HS2 proposes a 13.5km tunnel which includes a section under the River Misbourne, but so far important necessary work still remains to be done, said Society HS2 spokesman John Gladwin.

He said: “In our presentation to the HS2 Select Committee it became clear that HS2 Ltd do not have the necessary approvals for the current proposed scheme.

“In particular, the Environment Agency requires much more information from HS2 Ltd before they can give approval for a tunnel under the Misbourne.

“In addition, EU regulations require that an operational safety assessment needs to be carried out for all tunnels over a kilometre long. HS2 admitted this had not yet been done for the proposed scheme’s 13.5 km tunnel.

“We pointed this out to the Select Committee who have asked us to deal directly with HS2 on the issues.”

The Select Committee has still to hear from hundreds of petitioners in the Chilterns when they resume sitting in September. The committee members indicated that so far they have not been persuaded that the case for a longer tunnel under the Chilterns Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty has been made… “comments we obviously did not want to hear,” said Mr Gladwin.