Chiltern Way Academy teacher – Pearson teaching awards

Chiltern Way Academy Wendover campus is proud to share the news that Head of English Shelby Camman has received a certificate of commendation. This came after a nomination for the Pearson ‘Teacher of the year’ award.

Shelby came to us from Canada 3 years ago with a particular desire to work with special needs students. We are very proud of our link with Queens University Ontario which continues to supply us with very high-quality staff. Our bespoke training of these new teachers has helped provide outstanding quality teaching for all our students.

Shelby has been one of our biggest successes from the link with Queens University. After a promotion this year to Head of English she now develops the curriculum to support students across all our schools.

Well done Shelby!

Paul Coffey, Head of Campus, Chiltern Way Academy, Wendover