Cleaning for the Queen – The Wendover Evening WI

23rd April 2016 saw Wendover Evening WI members, armed with bags and grabbers, “cleaning” the streets of Wendover in support of the Country Life “Clean for the Queen” campaign. When this was proposed at our meeting there was some opposition because members had seen the good work done by our normal street cleaner.

As expected we found very little litter. The exception was cigarette ends. Despite bins being provided to hold them, the butts were scattered all around the ground. We could not understand this thoughtless and anti-social behaviour until someone suggested that people think that cigarette ends will soon biodegrade. Could I use Wendover News to advise such people that this process will take about 12 years. Hopefully knowing this will have a positive impact on our otherwise very clean streets.

Marilyn Storer
President, Wendover Evening WI