Climate Action Wendover – April 2020 update

We recently held our inaugural meeting and were thrilled that over 25 local people committed their time and skills to getting this venture off the ground. There were diverse backgrounds; environmental scientists, behaviour change experts, project managers, youth workers, nature lovers, social media, marketing, and community engagement experts, and importantly people who “just DO stuff” – all of us committed to making our environment better and minimising our negative impact where possible.

We have identified four draft key themes to work on so far:

  1. Energy – Minimising energy use / consumption. Self-generation of energy (Wendover solar farm??) and using cleaner energies.
  2. Recycling – Creating better local systems for hard to recycle items/ building local composting sites.
  3. Supporting our eco system – Increasing our tree coverage/native hedges. Reducing our use of chemicals that impact insects and increasing systems to support our wildlife such as bug hotels etc. Reducing the air and noise pollution from transport including HS2 through trees and green screens, 20mph speed limits and less driving to schools.
  4. Education – working with our young people through schools/ youth clubs/ scouts and guides to both educate and get input from them. Also setting up best practice workshops, talks and demonstrations.

Right now:

  • We are in the process of drafting a 3 year strategy which is action focused.
  • We are further developing our activity plan and communications.
  • We have a group dealing with the issues of setting-up an organisation (bank account, insurance, legal stuff).
  • We are applying for funding and other support.
  • And we still need more support from all the people of Wendover, please get in touch via our email address with ideas, questions, offers of support of any kind.