Climate Action Wendover – April/May 2020

Climate Action Wendover is a diverse group of local people who believe we can all make a huge difference to the environment by taking action in our local community. We have only just got going and have a great group of people volunteering, but there’s always room for more so please get in touch if you are interested. We have ambitious aims and ideas but know some of these just aren’t possible in the current situation. So we are busy planning for when the situation alleviates…..

However, that doesn’t mean we can’t get started with some fun things we can all do. 😊 The weather is getting better so it’s a great time to notice the nature we have around us and appreciate it, so who’s up for a scavenger hunt?


Ideas if you are stuck at home with a parent and need to keep them occupied!

1) Can you find something cylinder shaped in your house or garden that can be recycled? What is it made of?

2) Is there anything living with 2 legs that you can see or hear from your window or garden? What is it? Do you know it’s name?

3) Collect 5 things from your garden or during your daily exercise that bugs like to rest underneath. Make a little nest with these and the cylinder you found in 1) and you’ve got the start of a bug hotel.

4) Find three different types of leaf (careful if prickly) and find out the name of the tree or shrub it belongs to. Is it a native tree or shrub?

5) Are there any flowers in your garden or when you are out exercising? Even weeds have flowers. Go and find 5 different flowers, but don’t pick them!  See if you, or an adult, know the names of them. Bonus tricky question, are any of them wildflowers?


It would be great if you could send your answers, some pictures, and your address (get permission of a parent first) to our email address and we will send you an eco certificate to say well done.

Good luck!


If you want more ideas of things you can do in your garden or out on your daily exercise please have a look at these websites:

Woodland Trust

Friends of the Earth