Climate Action Wendover – February 2020

There Is No Planet B –
A Handbook for the Make or Break Years by
Mike Berners-Lee

Maybe you, like me, struggle to fit together all the jigsaw pieces of the puzzle that is Climate Change: there are so many interlinked issues, choices to make, risks that you might make things worse rather than better – if so, I highly recommend this book, There is No Planet B. It looks at all aspects of life and how we choose to live it – food / energy / travel & transport / money / work / technology, underpinned by the fundamental values that we adhere to. I hope you find it helpful.

Volunteers Needed!  As trailed in January’s edition of Wendover News, we are forming a group under the banner of Climate Action Wendover; we need volunteers who are prepared to bring passion, energy and enthusiasm to get things done – who are prepared to respond in a way that recognises this for the emergency that it is. Expertise and skills are welcome – but definitely not essential. We need to do some research, learn from others and get on with it! Learning ourselves and then teaching and encouraging our families, friends and neighbours.

Ideas already being discussed include;

  • Tree planting
  • Car share scheme
  • Alternative energy technology
  • Vegetable based cookery
  • Improved recycling
  • Campaigning locally and nationally


We see these volunteers forming a “core team” who will act as examples to others; leading workshops, organising campaigns, running rotas, being communication champions, generating social media publicity, identifying areas for tree planting, etc. Could this be you??

If you are interested to find out more and see how you could be involved, then please attend an open meeting on Tuesday 18th February, 7.30pm, St. Mary’s Church Centre, Church Lane, HP22 6NL.


Paul Moring