Climate Action Wendover – Mission to Zero

A landmark scientific study released by the United Nations in August 2021 declared that human activity is changing the climate in unprecedented ways. The report warned of increasing wildfires and flooding, continued glacial melting and rising sea levels all of which should be seen as a code red for humanity. However, scientists are saying that a catastrophe can be avoided but only if the world acts fast to rapidly cut greenhouse gas emissions and stabilise rising temperatures.

The message is clear, now is the time for action and with that in mind, Climate Action Wendover would like to thank everyone who came to our September event during the Great Big Green Week to learn about our local projects aimed at reducing Wendover’s Carbon Footprint.

If you would like to support our mission to zero, then here are 4 things you could do:
Know Your Carbon Footprint
Do you know the Carbon Footprint of your household? It only takes 15 minutes to find out with this easy-to-use carbon footprint calculator

Take the Pledge
Join hundreds of households in Wendover and sign ‘The Pledge’ – tell us what changes you have already made and any further changes you plan to make in the next 12 months

Wendover and Villages Solar Streets
Climate Action Wendover is partnering with Solar Streets in a community wide project that will enable you to purchase solar panels for your home at a discounted price. Save money on energy bills and cut your carbon footprint. To find out more visit

Tree Planting
We’re on a mission to plant one tree for every resident over the next 10 years and need volunteers to help plant saplings from the Woodland Trust towards the end of November. If you can spare some time then please register your interest on our website