Climate change and the election

With the County elections due on 6 May it will be important for all our newly elected councillors to be strongly behind policies that fight Climate Change.

Prospective councillors should be prepared to:
– Assess the impact on the climate and environment of all council activities and functions across all policy areas
– Prioritise Climate Change as a key factor in all decision making
– Immediately start making changes where clear, tried and tested solutions exist
– Support Research and development into solutions for more challenging areas
– Mobilise the public to create meaningful change in the county
– Prioritise the creation of the organisational structures necessary to deliver these pledges.

All candidates in Buckinghamshire are being asked by Bucks Climate Action Alliance to sign a ‘Climate Action Pledge’ which demonstrates their support for these points. So, if you are concerned with Climate Change then you can help by asking your candidates to sign the Pledge. You can see the Pledge here: and also those candidates that have already signed.

Alternatively, you may want to write to your candidates asking for their personal pledge on how they will prioritise efforts to combat Climate Change.

We believe that Wendover’s Net Carbon footprint could be almost zero by 2030 if we get help from local and national governments and some critical actions and lifestyle changes are taken by local residents over the next 9 years. We will cover three of these action areas in more detail over the next few months and talk more about:
– Reducing our food ‘footprint’ through less food waste and eating less meat
– Reducing our energy usage and switching to Green Energy suppliers
– How individuals and the community can adopt Electric Vehicles

Please follow our Facebook page or contact us directly at if you are keen to learn more and join our group.