John Colet Student Attends Sacred Soil Ceremony

A John Colet student visited Ypres on 11 November as part of the ‘SacredSoil Garden Ceremony’ to commemorate World War 1.

Lewis Clarke, Teacher of Humanities, accompanied Caolan Roche-Davidson (14)to take part in the ceremony, which took place under the Menin Gate.

The project brought together soil samples from 70 Belgian cemeteries for a special ceremony at the Menin Gate on 11 November. Caolan along with a Belgian student, carried one of the bags containing the soil during the ceremony and handed it over to soldiers who will then transport the soil to London to create a memorial garden. HRH Duke of Edinburgh and Prince Laurent from Belgium attended the ceremony.

The John Colet’s involvement in this ceremony was a result of Mr Clarke registering an interest in the Centenary Celebrations of the First World War being organised by the Institute of Education in London. This project was then forwarded to Mr Clarke, who applied to be one of only 62 spaces available for UK schools.

Caolan was very enthusiastic about the project and jumped at the opportunity to take part.

Lewis Clarke said: “I am deeply honoured to bepart of this special ceremony. I am thrilled that John Colet is able to take part in something so important in our country’s heritage.