College Student Visits European Parliament

A local college student has spent two days at the European Parliament in Strasbourg as part of a trip organised by Daniel Hannan, MEP for the South East constituency, which includes Aylesbury.

Oliver Rhodes and his father Robin were among 50 constituents who took part in the 5-day trip.

Oliver, 22, who studies Public Services at Aylesbury College, listened to a debate in the chamber on the migration crisis and attended talks and discussions with a range of MEPs. The hot topic of these discussions was the upcoming referendum on Britain’s membership of the EU and Oliver enjoyed listening to the different views of MEPs from across Europe.

Oliver said “The visit to Strasbourg was such a great experience, I’m really grateful to Mr. Hannan for organising it. I have learnt a huge amount about European democracy and the work of our MEPs”.

Daniel Hannan, MEP, commented “I genuinely cannot think of a better way of convincing people of the rights and wrongs of the European system than to spend a couple of days here. It has been a huge pleasure having the comments and questions of the young people this week.”