Consultation brings Wendover’s anti-noise preference to the surface

Wendover residents have sent a resounding message to HS2 Ltd that they would like their bypass to get a ‘very low noise’ surface, rather than noise barriers.

Their preferences came in response to a five-week consultation run by Buckinghamshire County Council on four options to protect the village from the sound of HS2 railway construction traffic when building starts later this year.

Of the 750 consultation responses, more than 78% preferred a ‘very low noise’ bypass surface, while just under seven per cent wanted a 13ft high, half-mile long noise barrier in three sections.

Just over 13% said they would be satisfied with the ‘low noise’ surface, while one and a half per cent preferred no action.

Mark Shaw, County Council Deputy Leader and Transport Cabinet Member, said he was pleased thatso many residents were involved in the consultation.

“I’m delighted that 750 people took part in this consultation and it’s clear there are very strong feelings in Wendover. Such a resounding majority leaves me in no doubt about their preference!

“However, we still need HS2’s agreement to re-designate their money before we can think about delivering on the village’s preference. I have formally agreed today (February 19)to write to HS2 seeking their approval to this change.”

HS2 has designated £1.51m for a noise barrier but now residents’ preferred solution will be put to the high speed rail company in a formal request to change the designation to a very low noise road surface.