Consultation on the Proposed Extension of Wendover Community Library

Wendover Community Library has been an important part of the Wendover Community for many years and there have been many dreams and ideas about extending the building to reflect its importance as a major community centre in the village.

On Saturday 24th the Wendover Community Library Trust held an Open Day in the Main Library Meeting Room to launch the consultation period for their proposed new expansion. The public were invited to examine some illustrative designs drawn up by a local architect, talk to the Trustees and Friends of the Library as well as being given the opportunity to provide their own suggestions as to what would be desirable if this project is taken forward. Following the Open Day, the plans were moved into the library until the end of December to continue the consultation period. There have been nearly 100 responses which reflect the value and importance of the Library to the local community.

The results of this exercise have been summarised and presented to the recently formed ‘Extension Working Group’ who can now make an informed decision about what the local Community feel should be considered in a future and improved Wendover Library.

Several issues were strongly supported and these were :

  • There is a particular need for an improved and enlarged tourist and community office open during the week and weekends.
  • The proposed Museum and Archive room is a nice idea but is it a good use of limited space and could it be housed elsewhere in Wendover?
  • There is a need for better internal design if we expand the building – a re-design of toilets and kitchens as well as possible building over the back garden.
  • A larger children’s area is important in any new development
  • Car parking for staff and volunteers has to be carefully considered.

The Trustees will continue to update Wendover News and Library users with the development of these proposals and would welcome assistance, advice and comment from the public at any time.