Council confirms key political appointments

Today’s ‘in-person’ Council AGM meeting

A raft of new senior political appointments have been confirmed by Buckinghamshire Council following its Annual General Meeting today (26 May) held at Stoke Mandeville sports stadium.

The first ‘in-person’ meeting to be held by the Council since it came into being on 1st April 2020, saw Martin Tett elected as Leader of the Council for the next four years. As Leader, Martin has his own set of portfolio responsibilities covering financial strategy, economic development, skills and employability, strategic infrastructure, policy and communications and the recovery plan for Buckinghamshire.

Two deputy leaders, Angela MacPherson and Gareth Williams will provide support in addition to their own cabinet responsibilities.

Taking up the important ceremonial position of Chairman of the Council for the forthcoming year is Zahir Mohammed, with Dev Dhillon supporting him as Vice-Chairman of the Council.

The AGM is the first formal meeting of the new 147 seat Council and follows the local elections held on 6 May. Due to current continuing social distancing requirements, today’s meeting needed a larger venue than the Council Chamber at The Oculus to safely accommodate those attending.

Martin also announced his Cabinet appointments, together with new deputy cabinet member positions. The full list is:

Health and Wellbeing Portfolio

Angela MacPherson – Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member

Carl Jackson – Deputy Cabinet Member (Public Health)

Planning and Regeneration Portfolio

Gareth Williams – Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member

Jocelyn Towns – Deputy Cabinet Member (Town Centre Regeneration)

Gary Hall – Deputy Cabinet Member (Enforcement)

Housing, Homelessness and Regulatory Services Portfolio

Nick Naylor – Cabinet Member

Mark Winn – Deputy Cabinet Member (Homelessness)

Education and Children’s Services Portfolio

Anita Cranmer – Cabinet Member

Julie Ward – Deputy Cabinet Member (Education & Skills)

Transport Portfolio

Steve Broadbent – Cabinet Member

Peter Martin – Deputy Cabinet Member (HS2/EWR)

Finance, Resources, Property and Assets Portfolio

John Chilver – Cabinet Member

Tim Butcher – Deputy Cabinet Member (Resources)

Climate Change and Environment Portfolio

Peter Strachan – Cabinet Member

Jilly Jordan – Deputy Cabinet Member (Environment)

Culture and Leisure Portfolio

Clive Harriss – Cabinet Member

Paul Irwin – Deputy Cabinet Member (Sport)

Communities Portfolio

Steve Bowles – Cabinet Member

Arif Hussain – Deputy Cabinet Member (Community Safety)

The meeting also confirmed the chairmen of the 16 Community Boards across Buckinghamshire together with members appointed to represent the Council on over 120 outside bodies, groups and other external partnerships. Further details on all appointments will be available on the Council’s website.

Speaking after the meeting, Martin was full of praise for the support of all members during the first year of the new Council. “Despite the elections being delayed in 2020 due to the pandemic, nearly all members of the five previous councils stayed on to help support and steer the new authority during its first year. That work is hugely appreciated and has already set this Council on a course to become one of the very best in the country.”

“I am hugely excited about the future and what we can deliver for the people of Buckinghamshire. Residents have voted at the ballot box and put their trust in us to provide high quality local services, to protect our most vulnerable, to support and revitalise our economy and high streets and to protect our environment and tackle climate change.

“It’s a massively challenging agenda, but its an agenda that starts right now and I look forward to reporting back to the people of Buckinghamshire on our achievements over the next four years.”

The meeting was also webcast and can be viewed at: