Council keeping a close eye on the new HS2 concrete batching plant at Calvert

A concrete batching plant is being built by HS2 Limited in Calvert, Buckinghamshire.

The batching plant will be used by HS2 and its contractors to store, create and distribute concrete locally to the project, which will take additional HGVs off the road.

Batching plant equipment is due to arrive in the compound adjacent close to Calvert Green this month.  To prepare for this, HS2 has undertaken localised site clearance and survey work around the compound.

Ian Thompson, Corporate Director for Planning, Growth and Sustainability at Buckinghamshire Council said:

“The Council has always fundamentally opposed the construction of HS2, we fought the proposals through every stage. Not only do we disagree with the strategic case for the line, but most of all because of the devastating environmental damage and impact of the works on local communities.

HS2 has permission to construct the batching plant by the HS2 Act 2017 as it is regarded as a temporary building.  The Council has no controls over HS2 temporary buildings. We have explored all the options open to us but there is nothing from a planning perspective we can do to stop this work going ahead.

Monitoring of dust will be taking place from mid-May and we will be closely monitoring the plant throughout its construction and when it is in operation and use all the powers we have to hold HS2 and its contractors to account.”