Council plans further consultation on early help services for families in Buckinghamshire

Over the last few months, the council has been talking with local councillors, residents, schools and partners, holding public meetings and sharing plans for the new early help service and the suggested future use of children’s centres and youth buildings in the local community. As a result of these conversations, the council wants to do more to capture the views of residents and local families before implementing the new service and will be carrying out a further public consultation in the next few months. As such, the council will not be implementing the decision made by Cabinet on 8 January 2018 in relation to moving to the new service.

Cabinet Member for Children’s Services Warren Whyte said:

“We recognise the strength of feeling amongst families and the local community about the changes we are proposing and want to continue to have these discussions. Therefore, we will consult further with residents. No public meetings will take place for the time being, and we expect to publicise new dates for these as part of the new consultation process. I hope residents and families will feel reassured that we are listening to their concerns and want to work with them to shape the support for families going forward.”