County Council’s budget proposals to be scrutinised this week

The County Council’s draft budget for 2016/17 will be scrutinised this week by the Budget Scrutiny Select Committee Inquiry.

The inquiry meetings, all taking place at County Hall, will cover every area of the Council’s budget:

Tuesday 19 January from 10.00 am

Morning: Leader of the Council, Martin Tett
Resources, John Chilver

Afternoon: Planning & Environment, Warren Whyte

Wednesday 20 January from 10.00 am

Morning: Community Engagement & Public Health, Martin Phillips
Health & Wellbeing (including adult social care), Mike Appleyard

Afternoon: Transportation, Mark Shaw
Capital, John Chilver

Thursday 21 January from 10.00 am

Morning: Children’s Services (including children’s social care), Lin Hazell
Education, Zahir Mohammed

Afternoon: Closing session with the Leader, Martin Tett

All meetings will be webcast via the Council’s website at

Inquiry Chairman, David Shakespeare said: “Our budget situation for next year is severely restricted, so the task of scrutinising and challenging the Cabinet’s proposals will be an incredibly difficult one. However, the Inquiry needs to be satisfied that Cabinet Members are ensuring value for money for Bucks council tax payers within their budget plans.

“The three day scrutiny process is challenging and intense – and people are very welcome to attend the Inquiry meetings and watch in person, or watch the meetings as they happen via the webcast.”

The Inquiry’s detailed findings will be presented to Cabinet on 15 February, with the final budget for 2016/17 to be agreed by the full County Council at its meeting on 18 February.