County response to district vote on business case

Buckinghamshire County Council leader Martin Tett said: “I welcome the submission of the districts’ business case.

“The Secretary of State now has a clear choice before him and it is accepted by all parties that the status quo is not an option. It is in the interests of local residents and businesses that a clear decision is made by Mr Javid as soon as possible, and that this decision is respected and accepted by all parties.

“We have set out a clear, positive case for Buckinghamshire which recognises that the county is high performing economically and that all our councils are good.

“However, all parties accept that a single unitary council would save the most money, protecting frontline services at a time when Buckinghamshire’s councils are facing severe financial challenges and better representing our residents’ interests locally and nationally.

“There are clearly national pressures around children’s and adults’ services in particular and we need to find sustainable solutions to these issues at a local level.

“Our business case contains concrete information on how a new single unitary council would operate. It includes detailed proposals on how it would connect with local communities, such as with the introduction of community boards and hubs, which would offer a physical presence in 19 locations throughout the county. It also sets out how it would drive improvements by bringing together council social care and the Buckinghamshire NHS.

“Our case is about creating a new council that’s sustainable, local and fit for the future, taking the best features of all five county and district councils.

“I firmly believe that one new, single council for Buckinghamshire will best serve the county’s residents and businesses. It would be a fresh start for Buckinghamshire and will make public services simpler, better value and more efficient, and will bring truly local services to all our communities.”