Covid-19 cases in Chesham

Statement from Cllr Gareth Williams, Buckinghamshire Council’s Cabinet Member for Communities and Public Health:

“A group of young people and their families have tested positive for Covid-19 over the last few days, some of whom are pupils at the same school, Chesham Grammar in Chesham.  These cases are all linked and the majority of them were acquired abroad during the school holidays. All households are now self-isolating having been contacted by test and trace staff.

The school is clean and safe to return to and following advice from Public Health England, the school will be opening as usual on 3 September with the affected students returning once their self-isolation period has been completed.  Public Health England are actively investigating these cases and are tracing any contacts to ensure that they are aware of the need to self-isolate.

There should be no cause for wider alarm and the advice to all Buckinghamshire residents remains the same; please protect yourselves and others by observing social distancing rules, staying at home if told to do so by Test and Trace and most importantly, get tested if you start showing symptoms of Covid-19.

We thank the children and families involved for their vigilance and quick action in isolating and would urge any other Buckinghamshire residents to do the same, should any member of the household develop coronavirus symptoms or if you think you may have been in close contact with someone who’s tested positive.”