David Cameron at the HS2 Stall at Wendover Produce Market

David Cameron was photographed when he came to the WHS2 stall in Wendover Produce Market on Saturday 20 October. He saw the depth of the opposition but he intends to conquer. Pro groups are saying that cost (your taxes), economic return and environmental impact are irrelevant. It’s a strategic necessity and we are whinging southerners. Think of magnificent Manchester, lovely Leeds and shut up.

The Government has announced its proposed HS2 compensation and launched the long-awaited “consultation”. This closes on 31 January 2013. It covers:

  1. A guaranteed (compulsory) purchase scheme for properties needed to construct HS2 within 60m of the line (the safeguarded zone);
  2. A voluntary purchase scheme for within 120m of the line outside the M25;
  3. Sale and rent back for those in the zone required to build HS2;
  4. A package of measures for those being tunnelled under e.g. before and after surveys;
  5. A long term hardship scheme for generalised blight outside the 120m zone from the line, but subject to hardship conditions.

WHS2 is examining the proposals and suggests residents wait before submitting their response until they can find out more at a road show or other events. Note that the detailed, and significant impact of construction is settled after the hybrid bill and agreed between HS2 and AVDC.

Judicial review is in early December and should hit national news, especially if the Government loses. If they do, expect an appeal. Initial closed hearings have occurred about current passenger numbers; HS2 conceded these are relevant. The Northern Y arms may be announced before Christmas.

To help to save Wendover, please make a small monthly donation. Even £5 a month will help, (Wendover HS2, Lloyds TSB, Sort Code 30-90-38, Number 30265860) or ask for a form. It’s 100% spent to stop HS2.

For information contact Antony Chapman on 01296 623730 or visit: chap@halevalley.wanadoo.co.uk.

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