Depression & Anxiety – Buckinghamshire Counselling

Prolonged anxiety can lead to depression and hopelessness. Often life is so busy that it is difficult to see what is really going on. Perhaps your mood has started to dip or you have been feeling low for some time. You are searching to understand why you are feeling like this and feel alone, not knowing where to turn for help. Perhaps you have managed to hide your depression and it’s your dark secret because you are a “high functioning” person with depression. You are not alone! Depression is very common and many people suffer with it for a long time until they seek help.

What are some of the symptoms of depression?

  • feeling hopeless, low self esteem
  • losing interest in activities that you previously enjoyed
  • feeling tired all the time / insomnia
  • poor appetite or over-eating
  • poor concentration
  • self-critical thoughts
  • irritable, angry
  • drinking more
  • other negative changes in behaviour

There are many reasons for depression from a single significant event or a culmination of many smaller triggers combined together.

How can counselling help?
Therapy can help you understand the source of your pain and allow you to make positive changes to your daily life, improving your well-being and giving you permission to start enjoying life again.

Please get in touch if you would like support