Celebrating Diversity Week at Aylesbury College

Aylesbury College recently held its annual Celebrating Diversity Week event. This year the chosen theme was “Breaking Stereotypes” – with a focus on gender and disability equality in the workplace. Students from across the College were involved in a range of activities and events during the week.

Health & Social Care students learnt how to change a tyre in the Motor Vehicle workshop. In return Motor Vehicle students received guidance on hand care from the Hair & Beauty team. College Tutors delivered sessions on challenging stereotypes in careers while students worked to create displays. Martin McElhatton from Wheel Power spoke to sports students. Hair & Beauty students have also created a display of people who have broken the mould.

Fiona Morey, Deputy Principal commented “Our aim with Celebrating Diversity Week is to raise awareness of issues, celebrate our differences, and work to promote equality and understanding. And it’s great that staff and students can have fun around College at the same time.”

Aylesbury College has recently been named in the National Centre for Diversity’s Top 100 index – coming 17th on the list. To be named as one of the Top 100 employers, the College had to demonstrate that it is committed to equal opportunities and has embedded best practice throughout the organisation.