Do I Really Need a Will?

Most people are aware that they really ought to make a Will. Some are always nearly getting around to it… and yet it’s estimated that two-thirds of the UK’s adult population still don’t have one. That’s an awful lot of people potentially creating additional heartache and hardship for those they leave behind. Even in the digital age, a Will is the only way to plan for your assets to pass to your children, grandchildren, or other beneficiaries.

So, what happens if you die without leaving a valid Will? In a nutshell, you’re declared intestate and the laws of intestacy then decide who inherits your estate. For example, without a Will:

– You can’t control who benefits from your estate

– Your spouse may not automatically inherit your estate

– An unmarried partner may receive nothing from your estate

– Your assets could go to distant relatives you didn’t even know existed

– If you have children under 18, they may be taken into care while Guardians are appointed

– If your spouse or partner (re)marries, your estate could pass to the new partner, disinheriting your children

– Any children from earlier relationships could receive nothing

– If you have a loved one with a disability, they have no automatic right to financial or other support.

Making a Will is clearly the prudent thing to do. However, the Will in isolation offers no protection for your assets or beneficiaries, and this is where additional planning can pay dividends. Imagine minimising your inheritance tax burden… avoiding the need for probate… protecting your home and savings from being taken to pay for care fees… or preventing challenges to your Will. It’s all possible with guidance from a specialist in estate planning like Accord Legal Services.

If you think this sounds a little confusing or daunting, you’re not alone. It’s the main reason that people keep putting it off – but there’s an easy way to get expert help. Simply contact Accord’s local legal consultant to arrange a free home visit to discuss your circumstances and wishes, and find out how best to protect your property and assets. There’s absolutely no obligation, but if you choose to act on the advice you receive, it will cost only a fraction of typical solicitors’ fees.

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