Do more with your third floor in the Norbury style home

A typical view of a bedroom and study in St Rumbold’s Fields

The developer, which has a selection of three storey properties available to reserve, is offering some fresh inspiration on how homebuyers can achieve a versatile lifestyle by utilising the extra space available.

Homeowners have great flexibility over what they can use their top floor for. The top floor of the Norbury includes an en suite and a dressing area, making it ideal for a main bedroom. However, the top floor is not limited to a being a bedroom. Instead, there are many options to make use of this spare room.

With the needs of homebuyers changing during the pandemic, having an extra room or the flexibility of three floors can benefit those working from home, as well as house hunters with new hobbies and interests.

St Rumbold’s Fields on Tingewick Road is a well sought after development due to its location. Residents can benefit from being under a mile from Buckingham town centre. Alongside this, working professionals are conveniently located close to the M1 and M40, and a train from Milton Keynes means residents can arrive in London in 35 minutes.

Karly Williams, Sales Director at Barratt Homes North Thames, said: “For many people a spare room or a third floor is a great versatile space to make your own.

“This is especially true during a pandemic where priorities have shifted and people view their home as a sanctuary now more than ever.

“We’ve gathered together some of the best examples from our buyers of innovative ways to use the third floor of your new home.”

Barratt Homes’ top floor suggestions are:

Keep on top of fitness goals with a home gym

For those still striving to conquer their fitness goals, or for people who don’t want to go back to the gym following the lockdown, using the spare room to create a home gym may be the perfect solution.

Having gym equipment at home means homeowners can maintain their daily exercise and save on expensive membership fees.

Work from home with a study

A peaceful area to work in would be an astute accessory for working professionals and families with children needing to complete their school work from home.

Opting to use a top floor room as a study would also provide an opportunity to develop an office space away from the hustle and bustle of the ground floor, making a peaceful area to work from home.

Enjoy some family time with a games room

For many, that dream home would really become a reality with a games room, offering a great area to either unwind after a hard day’s work or a space for homebuyers to spend quality time with their children.

The top floor could be filled with traditional arcade games, a dartboard, a pool table or even a video game setup, in order to make sure people have an area to relax and enjoy their favourite activities.

Create a quiet space for a library

Keen readers might take inspiration from the idea of creating a library in their own home, providing a room of education and imagination for a peaceful evening in a Barratt home.

The top floor would not only allow homebuyers to store books, it would present the space to rest whilst reading.

Keep the silver screen under the roof with a home cinema

 One luxury every homeowner dreams of having is a home cinema system, with a large screen, blackout curtains and a family-sized sofa.

Creating a home cinema would be perfect for all homebuyers and a great way to make the best use of a spare room. People only have a couple of months with a particular film to get the best cinematic experience, but with a home cinema, all homeowners would need is a DVD and some snacks to make that experience last a lifetime.

Indulge with a separate dressing room

A dressing room is both a wise utility for those looking to avoid the early morning rush and an excellent option for shopaholics. An extra room to store clothes and support an ever-growing collection of shoes would present people with an area to organise their wardrobe exactly how they want it.

A separate room with a stylish décor, a space for the homeowners’ clothes and a selection of mirrors would not only be a shopaholic’s dream, but a real convenience.

Have some me-time with a ‘man cave’ or ‘she shed’

 A ‘man cave’, or a ‘she shed’, could provide a zone for people to spend some time by themselves, surrounded by everything to do with their hobbies and interests.

A retreat to the specially designed room might involve reading or watching television, however homebuyers might choose to engage in one of their hobbies such as art and craft making, or physical and mental practices like yoga or pilates.

Karly added: “Our beautiful new homes are designed by expert architects with modern lifestyles in mind, so are ideal for accommodating all kinds of potential spare room uses.”

The Norbury style home is available at St Rumbold’s Fields from £355,000.

For more information about the Norbury home at St Rumbold’s Fields, visit’s-fields/ or call the sales team on 0333 355 8500.