Do you know the rules around employing a school child?

Do you know what age a school child has to be to legally work? Do you know the types of jobs school children can do? April is ‘Child Employment Month’ and Buckinghamshire Council is using the opportunity to make sure young people, parents and employers know the law around employing children.

Earning a bit of spare cash and getting used to the discipline of work can be really positive for young people, but there are strict rules on how many hours school children can work and what types of roles they can do.

Importantly, anyone employing a school aged child needs to apply to the Council for a permit.

Some key points to remember are:

  • children must be aged 13 or over to have a part time job
  • children aged 13 and 16 can only work a maximum of 12 hours per week during term time
  • children cannot work during school hours
  • there are certain jobs schoolchildren can and cannot do
  • children under the age of 16 cannot do jobs like work in a cinema, theatre, deliver milk or collect refuse – there are other roles that are prohibited too
  • anyone employing a child needs a permit which has to be issued by the council where the child is working (i.e., not where their home address is)

Tolis Vouyioukas is Buckinghamshire Council’s Director of Children’s Services.

He says:

“There are definite benefits for school children in having a part time job – it helps young people learn all kinds of skills like managing their money and time and interacting with others. However, it’s incredibly important that young people, parents, carers and employers know the law where employing school children is concerned. Please get in touch with our team if you have any queries about employing a child who’s of school age.”

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