Don’t lose your vote – act now on annual canvass

Any households that have been asked to confirm or update their details on the electoral register for this year’s annual canvass and have not yet done so are strongly encouraged to do so straight away.

From next week (week commencing 5 October), households that have not responded may be contacted by telephone, email or letter. If this applies to you, please be ready for our officers’ contact, as this information is required by law.

Residents need to be registered in order to vote – including in the first elections for Buckinghamshire Council taking place in May 2021. In addition, not being registered could affect your chances of obtaining credit.

Ian Hunt, Head of Democratic and Electoral Services at Buckinghamshire Council, said: “Thank you to the many residents who have already confirmed or updated their details on the electoral register.

“However about 24,000 have not acted on our repeated messages. This information is required by law and we will now have to undertake a number of prescribed steps to follow up on non-responding properties.

“Those households will be contacted from next week by telephone, email or letter, a time-consuming and expensive exercise. Therefore, we’d urge those last few residents to help us by responding straight away to our email or letter or reminder.”

Further information, including contact details, can be found at