Dr Lynda Shaw elected president of the PSA

Dr Lynda Shaw by photographer Pennie Withers

Neuroscientist, business psychologist and global speaker Dr Lynda Shaw has been elected national president of the Professional Speaking Association (PSA). The PSA has 13 regions and more than 600 members throughout the UK and Ireland and is part of the Global Speakers Federation.

Dr Shaw will be taking the reins from outgoing president Steve Bustin from late April for 2021-2022 and will be representing the UK and Ireland globally.  Historically the president has gone to other speaking conferences around the world, but because of the pandemic Dr Shaw will now be hosting and attending a series of virtual events and conferences, as well as collaborating with commercial businesses and liaising across the national regions.

As a change specialist, Dr Shaw has announced the PSA theme for the year will be about the importance of a growth mindset to successfully embrace uncertainty.  “We all have underlying beliefs and life experiences that have shaped the way we think and operate in business, but the pandemic was a steep learning curve for many of us as most events moved from on-location to virtual. This allowed many of us to rethink what is important to us, what we excel at and what makes us happy. We need to be ready for a whole new way of thinking about working as an industry and how we want to not only grow but thrive doing so.”

As a dynamic speaker Dr Shaw is widely expected to add spice to the annual PSA October conference and has revealed there will be five sub-themes about change and growth, focusing upon growing with a team of employees, growing it alone as a solo entrepreneur, growing the whole you, growing with collaboration and growing new seeds inspiring creativity and innovation.

Dr Shaw says: “The speaking and events industry was of course hit hard by the pandemic, so I am very excited to be heading up the PSA at this time. As we come out of lockdown there is now so much opportunity to build on what we did best pre and during the pandemic and for reinvention and to diversify.  The industry is keen to embrace and encourage diversity and inclusion so I will also be focusing on this.”

Professional Speaking Association – Speak More, Speak Better (thepsa.co.uk) ; www.drlyndashaw.com