Dunkirk and Ted Oates

As many as possible of the remaining World War 2 Dunkirk veterans were interviewed for stories by Josh Levine who was researching for his book Dunkirk (2011). Ted Oates of Wendover was one of those who submitted a written document.

As a consequence, Ted was invited to a book signing in Milton Keynes. This book became the inspiration for the Christopher Nolan film Dunkirk (2017). Ted’s witness accounts appear in this book. To read them in his own words click Edward Oates, Dunkirk Experience-2.

Ted was also on the red carpet for a special preview of the film at which he was invited to meet and talk with Prince Harry. If you have seen the film, you will recognise the story of someone arriving at a beach where his unit was not on the list for evacuation.  To overcome this problem, quick thinking Ted volunteered with a friend to stretcher wounded soldiers onto a hospital ship. The Luftwaffe regularly strafed the queues of soldiers waiting for evacuation. They even tried launching an abandoned boat on the beach.

Ted has revisted Dunkirk many times and has often been asked to read the exhortation at the Menin Gate, see photo.

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