Easter Message – April 2021

All of us are still surprised about the celebration of Easter 2020. Coronavirus suddenly pushed everyone into lockdown and like a tortoise we all went into our shells for protection, to save the NHS, to save lives and to stop the spread of the virus. We knew less then about the enemy we were hiding away from than we know today.

Easter is the centre of Christian celebrations. We had to celebrate it in a unique form- Easter at Home. Individuals had to worship God in the Risen Lord in each individual’s unique manner. To celebrate Easter Triduum alone was something unimaginable but yet the Risen Lord was fully present and his mission of reconciling humanity to himself was fully enacted.

Thinking of this year’s Easter celebrations and what it calls our minds to, my mind is filled with the words of the Lord Jesus himself: The hour has come for the Son of Man to be gloried… Father glorify your name (John 12:23ff). Jesus here talks about the hour of glory; first and foremost for himself and later for the Father. But I must say that he is talking of the hour of glory for all those who will lay their lives down for their brothers and sisters to the glory of God.

The Glory Jesus seeks from the Father is to be able and willing and to give his life in death for the salvation of man. And actually he died for the salvation of man. No greater love than this: for a man to lay down his life for his friends. A grain of seed can only bear much fruit if it falls into the ground, dies and germinates and grows. This Jesus did for everyone. Our life since the advent of coronavirus has in some ways revealed the great need to lay down our lives for each other – rallying, supporting, encouraging, praying. In doing this we follow Jesus in seeking our glory and the glory of the Father.

Good news – some Church doors are open for us this Easter to worship. I urge you to enter and see the face of the bruised and risen Christ as we celebrate Easter 2021.
Father Jude Iroh,
RC Priest for Bedgrove and Wendover