Eiffage Kier working on behalf of HS2, Wendover Dean Viaduct

Wendover Dean Viaduct
On 4 July 2019, Eiffage Kier (EK) shared the developed design and surroundings for the Wendover Dean viaduct located to the south of Wendover between Rocky Lane and Leather Lane. This information and designs were shared in preparation for the submission for planning approval to AVDC. There will be further engagement events taking place in your local area during September and October and further details of the dates and times will follow in the September edition of the Wendover News.

EK will share any relevant information through Wendover News and social media platforms and the HS2 commonplace website https://hs2inbucksandoxfordshire.commonplace.is/ in the coming months. To keep informed, you can subscribe to news updates for HS2 in Bucks and Oxfordshire by going to the HS2 commonplace website shown above and submitting your email.