EKFB with HS2 – HS2 Construction Update

HS2 in Wendover
Building up to August sees steady progression around the Wendover area. There will be a change to the road layout on the A413 bypass undertaken where the carriageways will be narrowed to improve the access to the compound and increase safety for all road users.

Works around Nash Lee Road are also taking shape, with the preparation for the site access road and tie in points beginning in August.

Piling rig at EKFB’s West Street/East West rail overbridge site

Around the Small Dean area, we will be carrying out some engineering work to form concrete foundations known as ‘test piles’. These test piles help us gather valuable information about the ground conditions in the area. The first activity involved has been to form a base known as a ‘piling mat’ formed by crushed stone. The concrete piles are then formed by drilling (also known as boring) a deep hole and filling it with concrete which we can then monitor.

We will also be installing some water mains protection off London Road near our compound. To do this there will be traffic management on the road for a number of weeks so there may be a need to factor this into your journey time. We will as always endeavour to complete the works quickly and remove the traffic management when we can.

News from the Wendover community recently is that The John Colet School have been successful in their bid for HS2 community funding, securing over £56,000 towards creating a new artificial sports pitch for the school.

And finally, If you have been receiving email updates from HS2 or would like to, then we are asking you to register on the new HS2 website which will give you more choice about how you would like to receive information from us. To find out more then visit your community website at www.hs2inbucksandox.co.uk.

If you have a question about HS2 or our works, please contact our HS2 Helpdesk team on 08081 434 434 or email hs2enquiries@hs2.org.uk.