EU why I am voting LEAVE

To be honest I’m getting old now; 60 years old in fact, and as far as you young guys I’m yesterday’s guy and its true I no longer have the sharp mind to produce statistics to back up my heartfelt feelings on voting Leave for the EU.

I was once very successful for one of the UK’s biggest insurance companies; my ideas were estimated to bring in an income of around £500 million & a £ billion over 15 years income. I trusted my instincts then and I was led by my heart, just like I am now that I truly believe a vote for out will be better for our nation in the long term. Even if there is a bit of a knee jerk reaction in the first twelve months, if we vote to leave it will come good in the long run.

Someone once said to me the most important decisions in our life are made with our hearts not our heads. I believe deep down this is the right decision, not just for selfish short term reasons and perhaps short term gains & personal security, but no – the much bigger future and the benefits of future generations and the future of this once great nation; long after I’m gone! Believe in your country and have the courage to vote LEAVE. Back Britain not the EU!