Extending consultation on minerals and waste local plan

A revised blueprint forthe future of mineral prospecting and waste management in Buckinghamshire has been out on consultation since Monday, March 5. The consultation was intended to close at 5.00PM on Thursday 19 April, but in view of requests from a number of stakeholders the County Council has agreed to extend the consultation till 5.00PM on Thursday 3 May 2018.

The Minerals and Waste Local Plan for the next 20 years aims to ensure a steady and adequate supply of aggregates, and forecasts future waste management needs, taking account of growth set out in the district local plans. This is an important document setting out the County Council policy for the management and delivery of minerals and waste and we want to ensure that community and stakeholders are engaged.

The plan public consultation and online survey is available atwww.buckscc.gov.uk/mwlp

Bill Chapple OBE, Cabinet Member for Planning andEnvironment, said: “This is an important stage for consultation and it is important that the community and stakeholders have the opportunity to make their comments, which we value, and we feel that further publicity to the consultation and extension of time to respond shows our commitment to engage with the wider communities in Buckinghamshire.”

An easy-to-understand summary of the revised plan is on the County Council websitewww.buckscc.gov.uk/mwlp