Formula One Ace Presents Trophy to RAF Halton

Racing driver Mark Webber has presented the Typhoon Trophy, which will be presented to the most inspirational Recruit Training Squadron (RTS) instructor as voted by the recruits joining the RAF, to RAF Halton’s Station Commander, Group Captain Adrian Burns.

After every 10 week basic training course, the recruits will get to vote on which corporal inspired them the most during their time at RTS. The Typhoon Trophy will be presented twice a year at a suitable occasion.

Chief Tech Ian Pemberton described how the idea came about: “A colleague and I thought about some sort of award for the corporals at RTS to reflect all the hard work and dedication they put into their job working with the recruits. Having an award to present to them would inspire, enthuse and congratulate them and ultimately this would provide a better training environment at RTS with ever more enthusiastic volunteer instructors from across the RAF.”

“We talked about various personalities that could contribute to get the award up and running: someone that has inspired us and led by example. Mark Webber repeatedly came out on top of our conversations and I emailed Mr Webber, being a worldwide recognised sportsman, his involvement would add gravitas and importance to the award.”

“Mark Webber replied saying he would be delighted to do the honours and once we had settled on a date, working around Mark’s very busy schedule, my commanding officer, Sqn Ldr Matt Tope, asked permission from the Station Commander to allow the award to be presented during a Graduation parade and on the 5th May of No 546 Arnold Intake, Mark kindly presented the trophy.”