Fatigue Packs presented to RAF Halton co-Responders

Halton’s Station Flight Safety Officer, Flt Lt Hindley, recently received 20 Fatigue Packs from The RAF Air Safety Centre based at RAF High Wycombe to present to the Station’s Co-Responders.

The Safety Promotion Team at the RAF Air Safety Centre are always looking at new ways in which to promote safety and this summer they looked at how personnel can defend against fatigue. Whilst fatigue has many different sources, psychological as well as physiological, sleep deprivation is often a common factor. In light of this, they put together a ‘fatigue’ pack which was aimed at potentially improving the sleep of personnel, with shift workers or those working in environmentally challenging areas in mind. Flt Lt Hindley requested several packs with the RAF Halton Co-Responders in mind;these volunteers work in the evenings, often until very late, and the packs were requested as a thank you to them for their volunteering.

Each pack, contains a self-cooling sleep mat, an eye mask, ear plugs and a water bottle and were presented to WO Bedborough, Team Leader of the RAF Halton Co-Responders, along with seven other members of the Halton Co-Response team. The remaining packs will be distributed over the coming weeks.

Written by: 70