Fighting Plastic

I am not one who usually joins crusades but I am feeling that it is time that individuals like me should make themselves heard on this matter of plastic waste which is choking our planet.

I have been trying for some time to reduce the amount of plastic I use and it is virtually impossible to make a significant difference. I am already following all the advice on numerous websites but find that at the end of the week I still have unacceptable amounts of unrecyclable plastic in my bin.

I am going to start my crusade very small and local – firstly by changing some of my own habits and trying to avoid products in heavy plastic packaging such as cosmetics. This will be challenging as it is almost impossible to find plastic free shampoos, bath gels etc but there are a tiny number of companies springing up who offer alternatives.

Some shops and department stores use plastic bags for advertising purposes. We don’t have to accept these when we buy from them and if enough people reject them then something might change.

I can foresee that I will become a plastic bore but there are worse things to be – and who knows, some people might even listen and make a small difference. And if the whole world made a small difference.

Written by: 127