Fighting Plastic St Anne’s Hall

Resolution for New Year?

2018 was the year many people became aware of the problems plastic is causing us in the world. The March edition of Wendover News carried an article by Barbara McGillivray on page 27, click here; Drowning in Plastic was shown on BBC2 in September; Scruples of Wendover revealed their fight against plastic on page 34 in November, click here; page 33 in the December had a follow up from Barbara and others, click here.

If you, or an organisation you know is trying to rid the world of plastic pollution please share your idea with Wendover News and we will try to publicise it for you.

St Anne’s Hall

Where practical, St Anne’s Hall would like to reduce the amount of “Single Use Plastic” generated from children’s parties and other activities run at the hall.

With this in mind they have purchased brightly coloured plates, dishes and tumblers which will be available for all hirers in addition to all the other crockery. The hall has a commercial dishwasher with a cycle of 18 minutes and all the plastic and china crockery is dishwasher safe so it is hoped that hirers might be able to use these, see illustration. This will have the added advantage of reducing the expense of buying the “Single Use Plastics” while helping the environment.

To contact St Anne’s Hall please click here.