Fighting Plastic The Village Gate

The Village Gate

The latest business to feature in the Wendover News Fighting Plastic pages is The Village Gate. Visitors will notice immediately that the beer mats are paper based, the only straws on offer are fully biodegradable and that sweets are on sale in this family friendly pub but loose not packaged. Bottle usage is reduced by extending the pump range, including Coke Zero. During the refit Nigel Playford, the new owner, fitted low energy LEDs to reduce the cost of lighting and he is actively looking to swap to a 100% renewable energy supplier. The building is not on main drainage so it uses an eco friendly soak away to deal with foul water.

The premises owner, Heineken, is a forward looking company which encourages this type of initiative. It is committed to reducing its packaging and the pub recycles wherever possible. They have installed a new cellar with individual lines for products including lager, cider and Guinness which are always served at a lower temperature, approx 2oC, than typically British beers and ales. The company uses specialist equipment to clean the lines reducing the chemical load.

Telephone 01296 696119 for details.

If you as an individual, family or business have ideas concerning fighting plastic, reducing waste or reducing your carbon footprint, please share them through the Wendover News Fighting Plastic pages inspired by local resident Barbara McGillivray who will be speaking on this topic at the Annual Parish Meeting at 7pm on Wednesday 10 April in St Anne’s Hall.