Former Development Coach becomes Fairy Godmother of Colour & Style

Choosing between gorgeous fabrics, styling corporate professionals and lifting the spirits of worn down individuals using colour was never something former John Lewis Partnership Leadership and Development Coach, Ellen Peters would have thought she would build a career on. But Ellen (64), who has no desire to retire, is now spreading her magic across the Thame and Aylesbury region by showing clients how to use colour and style to gain confidence, be visible at work and to build their self-esteem, as a stylist with House of Colour.

With a previous history of developing others, Ellen Peters recognised that as a business leader, coach, wife and parent it was a challenge to balance time, energy and financial constraints with real living. “I knew I wanted a job with autonomy and responsibility, but I still wanted the ability to make a difference to people. A major restructure within the JLP provided the opportunity to take redundancy and the prospect of a career change. ‘Having received several awards as a Coach, I knew I could create my own Coaching and personal development business, yet I wanted more!”

Familiar with House of Colour from meeting a consultant several years ago, Ellen decided to explore the world of colour and style and attended her first Colour Analysis class, followed only a month later with the Style Class. Ellen was hooked! She applied the learning to suit her personality and 16-18 size and body shape which made a huge difference to how she looked and therefore to her self-confidence. “I remember soon after, on one foggy day in Wallingford, a complete stranger come up to me to compliment me on something I was wearing saying how cheerful it made her feel on such a damp and miserable day!”

Wanting to find out more, Ellen attended a House of Colour Discovery Day and from then on, she knew for sure that she wanted to be a stylist. “I realised immediately it was the right thing to do particularly as I would be a franchisee running my own business with the backing of an established framework. I only wish I’d made the move earlier because it has been brilliant!’

Ellen Peters adores being a stylist because she loves helping people to be the best version of themselves. “Seeing clients discover how fabulous they look can be every bit as emotional for me as it often is for them! Being empathetic to their journey, I love encouraging and enabling them, mindful that this can be a life changing experience and so supporting them along their way. Some clients come in preparation for a specific event such as a child’s wedding, some come because of changes in their life such as needing a self-esteem boost after a separation, others want to know their style and colours to ensure they look fantastic every day at work and socially!”

‘My son got married very recently. The Bride’s mum had come earlier this year for her Colour Analysis. On the Big Day, she looked truly fabulous in her Teal dress and Rose Gold accessories; colours she admits she wouldn’t have thought of before her analysis class yet perfect for a soft leaf Autumn. Many guests congratulated her on her outfit, and several people approached me throughout the reception to compliment me on such a great job in discovering her Wow colours!!’

Client Pat Banfield agrees: “My journey learning about the best colours and styles that suit me has been quite transformational. Since I learned about my best colours and style, it’s not only clothes shopping that’s got easier, but I have been boosted by the whole experience! I love my new look! My entire career has been in a fairly conservative environment and now I’m at an age where I’m starting to think about life after work. I am now the real me!”

Ellen says: “I’ve always been passionate about inspiring, coaching and empowering others to be the very best version of themselves. I love offering othersthe opportunity to be authentic, confident, to feel good about themselves, be visible and consequently to be successful.”

Ellen’s top three style and colour tips are:-

  • Experiment! Everyone has a seasonal palette full of combinations and possibilities that will wow, so experiment with your options once you know what colours truly suit you! You’ll discover a whole new wardrobe!!
  • When shopping for something new, ask yourself ‘Do I absolutely LOVE this?’ If the answer is ‘yes’ that’s great, buy it! If the answer is ‘I love the colour or the fabric or the style’ but not all three, then leave it in the shop because it will end up staying in your wardrobe.
  • Go shopping in new places …. Who knows what you’ll discover?

Ellen Peters is one of a network of consultants with House of Colour, offering colour analysis, personal styling and image consultancy across the UK.