Freedom of the Parish for Wendover Neighbourhood Plan Committee

May I, via Wendover News, thank Wendover Parish Council for the singular honour of being awarded the Freedom of the Parish for contributing to the Wendover Neighbourhood Plan, as reported on the back page of the July edition.

In that report there is a name missing.

Sheila Bulpett was chairman of the Wendover Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group. Creating the Plan was, in large part, a result of her hard work and commitment. There were many hurdles to overcome, but overcome they were due to Sheila’s determination to see the Plan move forward and become a reality. Indeed, it was Sheila, together with John Currell, who brought all our work together and wrote the Plan.

I am sure the Parish Council, in its wisdom, has awarded Sheila the same honour as the rest of the Group. However, this was not clear at the presentation ceremony nor on the back page of Wendover News. Sheila’s great contribution needs to be recorded and made public so that our community have some idea of the qualities of the person who now chairs its Parish Council.