French Air Force Instructors Visit RAF Halton Airmen’s Command Squadron

Three instructors from the French Air Force Rochefort Academy have visited the RAF Airmen’s Command Squadron (ACS) at RAF Halton, following on from higher-level visits to enhance the Anglo-French alliance within the training and education pillar.

The visit represented the first Instructor Development Workshop; the main aim was for the French instructors to witness a variety of the training delivered through ACS in order to understand the methods and models utilised. The visit included exposure to syndicate work and Command and Leadership Tasks (CLTs) on a Junior Management Leadership Course (JMLC) as well as involvement in the practical aspects of Exercise ‘Confident Command’ for both the junior and intermediate level courses.

In addition, the visitors were included in Advanced Management Leadership Course (AMLC) training and on the Hendon museum staff ride presentations. Guest speakers during the week included Imam Ali Omar discussing issues surrounding religion within the Armed Forces, and the Chief of the Air Staff Warrant Officer (CASWO), WO Martland; debating key matters of the moment for the RAF. The aspiration is for the Rochefort Academy to host a reciprocal visit later in the year in order to strengthen ties and share best practice.