The Game Club visits Chilterns MS Centre

Recently, we had a visit from two representatives from The Game Club, an Aylesbury area dining club which raises money for local charitable causes. The Club raises money through its annual Chiltern Hills Rally at Weston Turville.
I had the pleasure of showing them around the Centre and they were clearly impressed by what they saw. As we walked around, I mentioned and pointed out various items that the Centre was seeking funds for. I didn’t realise that they were taking notes!
Anyway, they returned to the Centre to meet with Hannah Asquith, Head of Fundraising, and myself and they announced that they would like to give us the money to buy new furniture for the atrium area! We were thrilled as the furniture really does need replacing.
Then, to our surprise and delight, they said that they’d also like to fund an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) which can automatically treat people having a heart attack or other cardiac problem and, potentially, save their life.
They didn’t stop there. Next they offered to purchase a much-needed laptop and trolley for the physiotherapy team. Hannah and I thought that Christmas had come! They topped this off by giving us the money to buy two emergency evacuation chairs – one for each staircase – which are safer and better than the mattress slides we have at the moment.
All in all, The Game Club has agreed to fund £10,300 of equipment representing more than half of our capital expenditure budget for the year. We have sent The Game Club our sincere thanks for this wonderful donation and also for making Hannah’s and my day!

Written by: 66