Going Down

In the latest of several daredevil feats by the Buckinghamshire Provincial Executive Team, Bucks Deputy Provincial Grand Master Hugh Douglas Smith, along with the Assistant Provincial Grand Master, Phil Blacklaw were convinced to abseil down the old Northamptonshire Lift Tower to raise money for the Bucks Masonic 2021 Festival.

The Festival Supports both Masonic and Non-Masonic charities in England and Wales.

The lift tower stands a daunting 420 feet high and it was with some reservations the intrepid duo ascended to its summit.

Indeed, Hugh readily admits to a cunning plan to avoid the adventure by attempting to eat enough to make himself too heavy for the ropes, thus preventing his participation!

Fortunately though, the ropes have been upgraded and will allow those of a much greater size than Hugh to take part!

Meanwhile, Phil a had taken the precaution of not telling his nearest and dearest of his planned descent so they received a lovely surprise on the day.

On a lovely summer’s afternoon both men arrived unscathed at the foot of the tower having, so far, raised over £2500 for the 2021 Charity Festival.