Going the Extra Hundred Miles

Dear Editor,

I really wanted to let you know about a local Wendover trader who went the extra “hundred miles” for our family. I hope you will consider publishing it.

Due to very sad circumstances, my sister and her partner had to get an emergency licence so they could be married in Milton Keynes hospital. By the time everything was sorted out, it was 8pm in the evening with the ceremony set for 3pm the next afternoon. All the family helped arrange things and after we pulled a reception venue out of thin air (another heart warming story) it was 10am the morning before the wedding and no flowers. We rang round trying to find the bride’s favourite lilies, but unfortunately they were special order only.

For reasons I am not sure of myself, I called into Eileen’s Flowers on the Tring Road, Wendover in sheer desperation. After I explained the situation, Eileen dropped everything she was doing and was on the phone to the bride. Watching her multi task running round to every corner of the shop, picking flowers from here and there while talking to the bride and making her dream wedding bouquet was a sight to be seen. Button holes for the guys, no problem. Button holes for the ladies, Eileen is on the phone again asking about the colour of their dresses and like magic, colour coordinated button holes for the ladies appear too.

In the space of about an hour, this wonderful lady had sorted everything out and we can think about a quick shower before the ceremony. Thank you so much, our family will always remember your kindness and determination to make sure our sister got the wedding bouquet and flowers she always dreamed of.

Everything went fantastically and while there are a long list of people to thank for making this wedding day special, Eileen is one of the people at the top of our list. Thank you.