Leader’s fund grant buys playgroup new bikes

Children at an Aylesbury playgroup have new ride-on toys thanks to their local County Councillor.

Phil Gomm, Buckinghamshire County Councillor for the Aylesbury East division, made a grant of £500 from his Community Leader’s Fund to the Limes ABC Playgroup for seven new bikes, trikes and scooters.

The ride-on toys were unveiled on Monday 14 March, when children tested the bikes, trikes and scooters on an indoor road layout, complete with road signs, roundabouts and zebra crossings, watched by parents and Phil Gomm.

Playgroup leader Jennifer Bargrove said this would help educate the children at an early age about the importance of the Highway Code.

‘We have been wanting to update our trikes for many years but never had enough money,’ she said. ‘Now, thanks to Mr Gomm’s grant, we’ve been able to buy a variety of bikes to suit different ages and abilities.

Phil said: ‘The children loved the new trikes, especially riding around their made up highway with a zebra crossing. To start educating the children at such a young age with the importance of the Highway Code is absolutely brilliant and I believe it’s something that should be run out through our County.’